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is trained in life-saving measures during life-threatening events like cardiac and respiratory arrest

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What type of anesthesia will I get?

Will I get the Michael Jackson drug?


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Am I going to get the Michael Jackson drug?

The short answer is probably. Propofol is a drug that I give to almost all of my patients. It is a very safe drug that is fast on and fast off; meaning that my patients wake up faster and with less drug hangover effect and nausea. Fortunately, for my patients, I am a board certified anesthesiologist who administers Propofol in a safe environment with monitors, oxygen, and emergency equipment. I have the expert knowledge, training, and experience to keep my patients comfortable and safe during a procedure requiring anesthesia. For an anesthesiologist, Propofol is a safe IV general anesthetic that is a perfect drug for many patients and procedures. Unfortunately, for Michael Jackson, he had a cardiologist without the training, expertise, monitors, oxygen, or emergency equipment necessary to be giving Propofol and all of the other drugs that he was giving to Michael. If you have any fears or concerns about Propofol or any part of your anesthetic, just ask your anesthesiologist. It is important that you have a clear understanding and feel comfortable throughout your anesthesia experience.

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